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Web Application Penetration Testing


Web Application Penetration Testing is the process of using various Penetration Testing techniques on your web applications to find out their vulnerabilities. Alrek deploys various penetration attacks and subjects the web application to a series of penetration threats to break into security of your web application. Those vulnerabilities are then reported by us in a comprehensive manner while giving out suggestions to overcome them.

To do web application penetration testing, there are two types of testing techniques - automatic and manual.


Types of Web Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing

This is done on Local Area Networks using internet hosted web applications. Performing this test is necessary to ensure that there is no malicious exploitation of the internal network's vulnerabilities. Internal penetration testing is done to ensure that the former or discontented employees do not breach the company's internal network's security.

Some of the attacks which can be perpetrated in the wake of a compromised internal penetration security are social engineering attacks, simulated phishing attacks (eg- through emails), attacks by the misuse user privileges and unlocked terminals.

External Penetration Testing

These attacks are perpetrated from external devices. To find out the vulnerabilities of external penetration, our testers are given with the IP addresses of the target system and they are asked to perform an external penetration. They, then go on to find out open-source information of the IP Address available on the internet to attack the hosts.

Our External Penetration testers test the system on various parameters including individual servers, firewalls and the Intrusion Detection Systems of the servers.

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