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Network Architecture Review


This is done to analyse various network artifacts such as network diagrams, security and regulatory requirements, technology inventory, exposed applications and APIs, public/private cloud utilization, etc.

This is an essential process to match with global standards and frameworks of network architecture security. All the design features including internal network connectivity of all the network artifacts are viewed with a security point of view. Key controls integral to securing the network, applications and critical data (e.g., firewalls, multi-factor authentication, Network Access Control, Cloud Access Security Brokers, Web Application Firewalls, key management/encryption, vulnerability/asset/configuration management, logging, incident response, data loss prevention (DLP), vendor risk management) are assessed and reported. On completion of the review, the vulnerabilities are listed out along with providing corrective measures for the same. The internal network of a company should be rigid in terms of security to prevent attacks from a grassroot level.

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